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These vibrations travel to your skull and again, make the eardrums vibrate. That said, these sound waves tend to give you a delusional sense of bass when they travel throughout your body to your skull. This is probably why the pitch of your voice sounds particularly higher when you hear your recorded voice. People often wonder about things like how to make your voice deeper or how to change your voice or is it even possible to do that.

Let us first understand a simple rule of thumb that hearing voices is something we are all accustomed to doing, but hearing ourselves is sometimes more challenging than we give it credit for, which brings us to the next question! If you are wondering how to hear your own voice, there are a number of tips you can follow to train your mind to hear your real voice.

Contrary to common belief, it is, in fact, possible to overcome the biases of your brain and hear your true voice. The most important thing to do in order to hear your real voice is to tell your brain to shut up.

New AI Can Figure Out What You Look Like Just From The Sound Of Your Voice

It is no secret that the human brain goes through so much data in a day that it can become difficult for the poor fellow to process it all comprehensively. This is where it starts trusting the principle of familiarity which can often be rather deceptive. Therefore, stop listening to the voices in your head and believe that you sound exactly as you should — like you.

It is important to remember that all voices can be trained and modified into something better. In this context, recording your voice is key if you wish to mold your voice into something you like. Record your voice on a laptop, a smartphone or a recording machine. The goal is to hear how your recorded voice sounds. Now, simply make a list of all the things you absolutely and utterly cannot stand about your voice. The key to potentially loving how you sound is to practice how you want it to sound. You will probably feel quite nervous once you start but practice, practice and then practice again.

Voice evidence in trials: Can a criminal suspect be identified just by the sound of his voice?

Relax, adjust to the way you sound and keep taking retakes until the entire exercise becomes fun and you actually start enjoying yourself! In other words, get as used to your voice as possible. Most of all, it is essential to understand and believe that you are probably not all that special and the people around you have heard it all.

Your voice is precisely how it has always been, and there is nothing particularly special or unique about it, yet you sound great! Embracing this fact can be your ticket to rediscovering yourself and getting over your aversion to how you sound. It is a common fact that people usually breathe weirdly or tend to focus too much on their breathing which causes a fluctuation in how they sound.

Remember that how you sound and how others hear you have a lot to do with how you breathe. Therefore, try to breathe as naturally as possible, and with time, you will learn to like how you sound.

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Finally, and the most important advice of all, learn to love and accept your voice for what it is. I cannot stand my voice, and tend to be very quiet around most people, myself, my friends, my family included. My voice doesn't fit my appearance or personality even remotely.

I've listened to my voice - it had to be mine because there was nobody else in the car, in the house, or anywhere within 1 mile when I made the recordings. Now I understand why many people have issues listening to a presentation, have issues sitting down and talking for a bit, and issues hearing me if there is any other noise to be heard. It's not a volume issue. Is there a method I could use to increase my volume by a slight margin, slow down my speech a bit, raise the pitch of my everyday voice about half to three quarters of an octave, make my voice significantly more feminine, and still add a raspiness to it?

My goal is to sound like please don't judge by the fact that my end goal is to sound like an adult video star Carolina Sweets. Her voice, or as close as possible, would definitely improve my issues and my self-worth. This is such an inspiring resource. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this -- it's invaluable and REAL. You can absolutely make adjustments to your singing voice, using proper vocal techniques.

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  • Singing is sustained speech, supported by air. Breathing for singing is different than for speaking because singing requires much more air. As you make adjustments to your voice, do so gently to avoid vocal abuse. Good luck and thanks. Amazing article! I acted on some video projects and hated my voice at first but began adjusting my speaking voice the more I heard it! I had no idea the same could be done for a singing voice, this gives me great hope It sounds like you would sound better by developing your chest voice.

    Once you accomplish this, you'll be able to use your full register to mix with your high voice.

    ☙❦ DIALITH ❦❧ - The Sound of Your Voice

    Most women lack the rich tones initiated by the chest register. I am about to start a new high school, and I don't want to be made fun of again. Is there any way you could help me? My suggestion would be to visit a vocal coach. A qualified teacher will listen to your voice and help you.

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    Without someone to hear you sing, it's impossible to advise you. A microphone will not enhance the voice. It's function is to project your singing and add echo if needed. What exactly is it about your voice that you hate? Try to define what specifically you don't like. Most things can be changed, but others are genetic and require working around your sound. I'll try to give you some tips if I can, but the best way to help you is to send me a vocal clip to evaluate. When I was studying acting, we went through a lot of voice training. And although the sound of my voice improved, I still hate it.

    Some of these techniques I've already learned but others are new to me and I'll have to try them out.

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    I am indian 23 year boy My language is hindi I don't know why i am talking too much slow speed Mam how can i improve my speaking habbite. It sounds like you need to concentrate on lifting the soft palate. You can do this by yawning. As you yawn, the soft palate lifts automatically and opens the back of the throat. This eliminates the nasal sound. Give it a try Do you have any tips to overcome an unclear voice? I have a big tongue and small mouth that makes me sound nasally because it blocks my throat, but then my overbite causes my mouth to rest in a tight position anyway which also makes me feel I can't reposition my tongue or palette because the movement feels limited.

    I don't mind being nasally, I just don't know why I can't sound more clear and why it feels like something's blocking my voice. Is there any hope??? I can help you. Pls send an email to me for information. There are reasons you dislike your voice. What is your age? Thank you for your advice. This guide has brought a lot of things to light.

    Now You Can Create A Personalized Font With The Sound Of Your Voice

    I want to follow this advice, but the problem is that I can't handle listening to my own voice. I just can't.

    What do I do? Are you on an inhaler of some kind? Try to avoid full-on singing until your bronchial problems are healed. Then start with huming and gradually introduce your singing on a light tone for a few weeks. My voice wasn't too bad before my bronchial problem, but now I sound like a dead cat! I do hope it comes back! When we fail to "lift" the soft palate the moon shaped part at the back of the throat the sound becomes trapped in the nasal area. When you yawn, the soft palate automatically lifts, opening the back of the throat.