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Iwashiro, Toshiaki, Nieh, Camellia. Christman, Annaliese. Psyren volume 8.

Psyren: Volume 2

On Shelf. Quick Copy View. Place Hold. Add a Review. Add To List. Welcome to Psyren! Phone in and then Ageha Yoshina just got transported to a warped alternate dimension where you've got to fight your way back to our world--or die trying. A trip to the future brings Ageha face-to-face with a group of friends he thought long dead, and the story they have to tell Ageha about the events of the past decade are truly shocking.

The Global Rebirthday has changed everything. Not everyone Ageha cares for has survived, and the W. E organization is more powerful than ever. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sakurako Amamiya. Ageha Yoshina Hiryu Asaga.

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Oboro Mochizuki. Ageha Yoshina Kabuto Kirisaki.

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  • Marie Tenjuin Frederica Tenjuin. Ageha Yoshina Sakurako Amamiya. An occurrence of people's disappearances in the world is attributed to an urban legend called Psyren.

    Psyren Vol 2

    Ageha Yoshina receives a Psyren calling card from a cloaked figure, dubbed as Nemesis Q, and uses it to search for his missing classmate Sakurako Amamiya. Several others, including Ageha, who received the card are sent to a desolated world filled with monsters called Taboo. There, Ageha finds Sakurako and is reunited with a childhood friend named Hiryu Asaga. He learns that Nemesis Q has arranged a goal post for the participants which will send them back home.

    Baby Universe. After most of the survivors were killed, Ageha and his friends are able to reach the goal and return home safely.

    Psyren Vol 2

    They are then introduced to Matsuri Yagumo, Sakurako's trainer and a previous participant of Psyren, who reveals that the world they sent to is future Japan and trains them to use their psychic abilities, dubbed as Psi, which was awakened during their exposure to the future's atmosphere. Elsewhere on live TV, a movie star named Oboro Mochizuki attempts to reveal his knowledge of Psyren but is put into cardiac arrest by Nemesis Q's powers; he is saved by Elmore Tenjuin, an elderly woman offering a reward on information on Psyren.

    Soon after, Nemesis Q sends all its participants back to the future where they are attacked by a giant worm Taboo. Ageha returns to the treacherous Psyren world, where he and his fellow players are instantly under attack. To survive, they'll have to use every resource they can. Toshiaki Iwashiro. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Psyren, Vol. Description Physically drained after surviving his first trip to Psyren, Ageha's psionic powers begin to awaken!

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    Newly reunited with his formerly missing friend Amamiya, now Ageha must meet with a PSI mentor who holds key information about the terrifying rules of the Psyren game! Other books in this series. Add to basket.