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Meanwhile, Bentley is stockpiling parts, and Dixons Carphone and Pets at Home are making similar moves. Again, these firms could not be clearer.

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So why then might James Dyson be so coy? Why would he not admit it if he is shipping out to avoid Brexit, rushing to Singapore, whose trade agreement with the EU, signed in October , could well give Dyson better access to European markets than the company would have if it stuck around in no-deal Brexit Britain?

Thoughts of window jumping

For hypocrisy is emerging as a defining trait of the loudest Brexiteers. It suggests a Brexiteer elite who believe that the pain of Brexit is for the little people. Length is proportional to linear size, and strength is proportional to the leg's cross-sectional area. But area increases as the square of size. That means jumping ability should go up as the cube of linear size. If that were the whole story, we'd be able to jump far higher than any flea. But we also need to consider the weight opposing the height of a jump.

It too increases with the size cubed. Go to the bookshelf and pick up a large book and one half its size.

Hard truths

The large book will weigh eight times as much as the small one. Since both the opposition to jumping and jumping ability vary with the cube of size, that means size cancels out. The height any creature can jump is independent of its size. What a flea can do, so can a grasshopper, a monkey, or a lion.

Wealthy Brexiteers like James Dyson are jumping ship. Why might that be?

There'll always be champions among cats, dogs and humans. There'll also be individuals who can come nowhere near a meter. The one-meter figure may be approximate, but it signals our kinship with other species.

For we're all bound by the same rules of mathematics and of nature. Those rules keep us balanced in odd ways.