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Although the term 'Europe' is used, the essay mainly contains remarks about the transport sector of the European Union with its 27 member states by now. Transportation is termed as "the totality of all translocations of persons [ As the title of this essay indicates, it is to deal with the concepts and objectives of a common transport policy throughout the European Union. The central and decisive element in this matter is the White Paper 'European transport policy for - Time to decide', Florian R.

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Hertel Social Mobility in the 20th Century. Terry L. Trends Advanced Concepts in.

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High-Speed Rail Planning, Policy, and Engineering: Trends and Advanced Concepts in High-Speed Rail looks at some of the most recent developments in high speed and other ground transportation around the world, and closely examines the Northeast Corridor in the United States, surveying the flaws and potentialities, projecting what could be done with some moderate improvements in its infrastructure. Other possible improvements with more general application are reviewed, and some non-rail transportation alternatives are also examined. Robert D. Aguirre Mobility and Modernity. In this period, U.

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These discourses served an important role in their own day and laid the imaginative ground for the canal to come. In this study, Robert D. Aguirre provides bold new interpretations of Anthony Trollope, John Lloyd Stephens, and Eadweard Muybridge and also recovers information about literary communities previously lost to history.

Across this narrow strip of land people and things traveled, technology developed, and political forces erupted. The isthmus became a site of mobility that paradoxically produced varieties of immobility. Jacqueline A.

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Highlights recent research on contemporary transport systems Presents the latest solutions in the field and evaluates the status quo and development perspectives for transport systems within urban areas, regions, countries, and Europe as a whole Written by leading experts in the field see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Softcover.

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Rome, February 04 The integration will allow Engineering to enhance the Augmented City and Smart Transportation offer through high added value IT skills and solutions which Kiunsys has fine-tuned for developing advanced sustainable and efficient urban mobility systems, both in Italy and abroad. All Municipalities now have the opportunity to launch advanced Smart Mobility systems thanks to the Project Financing which a solid reality like Municipa can offer: from the capital for starting the project to a management that shares risks and opportunities.

Municipia S. Municipia, which only a few months ago completed the acquisition of INFOR — a software house which operates in the development and supply of information systems for local administrations, thus continues its path of growth and diversification of the services offered to Municipalities and their subsidiaries. Kiunsys is a true Italian excellence.

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  • With a focus on urban mobility services, it has been able to demonstrate great skill in the development of advanced solutions for their management. Thanks to its capacity for innovation and execution, with numerous national and European research projects to its credit, the Kiunsys solutions are already operational in over 80 cities, including Hamburg, Bucharest, Florence, Mantua, Milan, Naples, Parma, Pisa and Verona, and provide services to tens of millions of citizens.

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